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Painting And Academic Summer Camp 2019
Painting And Academic Summer Camp 2019
Painting And Academic Summer Camp 2019
Painting And Academic Summer Camp 2019
Painting And Academic Summer Camp 2019
Painting And Academic Summer Camp 2019

Painting And Academic Summer Camp 2019

Motley Muse

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Beginners, Intermediate, and Experts are welcomed to participate. This camp is for ages 10 to 18.

Class starts each day at 1 PM and ends at 5 PM each day; Monday through Friday. You may drop your child off up to one hour early and pick them up no later than one hour late for your convenience at no additional charge. Parents are welcome to stay at the studio but will be asked to remain in the parent lounge while the camp is in session.

The class location is at the Motley Muse Art Studio. (201 Cayuga Avenue Altoona, Pennsylvania 16602) The left turn into the parking lot before the Altoona Mirror newspaper. Located in the back half of the Fiore Furniture building on Pleasant Valley. Our main door is located under the giant blue star at the far end of the parking lot.

Go to camp for FREE! Get five of your friends to sign up and pay for this summer camp and your summer camp is FREE for one week. Once they have paid call the studio at (814) 502-7805 and we will give you a promo code to type into the computer when you go to pay for your summer camp.

You may bring snacks for your child. We have a refrigerator and a microwave in the art studio.

At the beginning of the class we will work on one new acrylic painting each day. Every day your child may pick which painting and ideas they want to paint. We will help them come up with ideas and teach them techniques and guide them in creating their masterpiece. 

The canvas size will always be 16” x 20“ and we will provide all the supplies necessary. Normally the painting class last around three hours. All students are allowed to go at their own pace. And will receive one on one guidance from the teacher. Every day your child will come home with a brand new masterpiece that they have created by themselves.

Our teacher, Yvette, was trained in art at Northern Arizona University and has been a professional artist selling her work and teaching classes since 2003. Her art has hung in many prestigious art galleries around the world. A mother herself she understands the importance of safety and education. We encourage you to come to the Art studio to meet her and checked out the classroom.

If you are interested in only the art portion of the summer camp your child does not have to do the following.

Once your child is done painting their masterpiece. They will take a short break followed by a tutoring session. Where we will work on the academic subjects you would like us to focus on. Because everyone’s needs are different we ask that you please provide us with books that your child can work on that is at their grade level. You may obtain free academic books at the Altoona Area Public Library. We recommend bringing one chapter book for reading, and another book such as math. We promise that each day your child will complete one chapter in each book that you provided us. We recommend students work 30 minutes in each subject. With a 10 minute break between each subject.

For any questions please call the Motley Muse Art Studio at (814) 502-7805

During the end of August we will be exhibiting the students work at the UPMC Altoona Hospital. This opportunity is a great way to foster confidence in young artists. Students will have the opportunity to display their work which they may or may not choose to make for sale. Who knows maybe your child might make enough money at this exhibition that you will be reimbursed for the summer camp. Or you may choose to donate the UPMC Altoona Foundation. Which is a nonprofit that brightens the spirits of young children who are in need of the hospitals services.

The cost of this program is $26 a day = $130 each week. In cases of illness, with a doctors note, you will be reimbursed if your child does not attend. Payment must be made no later than one week in advance. We recommend paying as soon as you can because every year this camp sells out fast.

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